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Priority areas

What we work on

Currently, FIP’s three main priority areas of work, determined by the FIP Bureau, are antimicrobial resistance, patient safety and the pharmaceutical workforce. Other focus areas at present include: primary health care, quality of medicines, access to controlled substances, non-communicable diseases, ageing, harm reduction, interprofessional practice, immunisation and gender equity.

Over the years, however, our work has covered a wide variety of issues; directed by the evolving needs within our profession or the potential contributions that pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacists or pharmaceutical educators can make to global health. Past areas of work range from the role of the pharmacist against doping in sport, in the fight against HIV-AIDS, in disaster management and in child health, to standards for good pharmacy practice, recommendations for donations of medicines, green pharmacy and pharmacists’ ethics and professional autonomy.

More information on these areas and others we have worked on can be found in the numerous publications in the FIP Library.

We also have separate information on:

Counterfeit medicines

Developing the entire pharmacy workforce (FIP Development Goals)

Developing global leaders in pharmacy education

Empowering women

Medicines shortages

Last update 21 September 2020

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